Wednesday, 3 August 2016

50% Bliss

I am still not back to work.  How right I was to take time out. I have been rethinking my life. For whatever reason I have always been chasing something. The next pay rise, the next promotion, the next level of responsibility, more travel, more savings, the property ladder.  All to feel secure. I thought these things could solve all my problems and that they would bring infinite happiness.  I chased fairness and justice.  I tried the impossible and see myself as a fool.  All those years I have been chasing the wrong things. They made me unhappy. Every time I got something I had chased I wanted more soon thereafter.

Now I have had time and energy to reflect what I really want. I have not been chasing the evenings with friends at my place, some home cooking and amazing desserts, I love so much. I have not been chasing making my apartment cosy and pretty after I bought it, I have not been chasing spending more quality time with family. I have not been chasing making new friends from all paths of life. I have not been chasing who I really am and want to be.  I have not been chasing my passion for swimming, or try new cooking recipes with super food, and I have not been chasing well-being.  I have not looked after myself enough. I want to chase all these things now and not burn out again.

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