Friday, 8 July 2016

Getting off the hamster wheel

Some weeks ago I hit the wall.  This one morning I had so much resistance against going to this office in me I could no longer take it.  Instead I went to my GP, who signed me off and I have been off work since. Knowing that I will not have to put up with the corporate life for a while was incredibly liberating.  I was exhausted & drained, both physically and mentally.

The first two weeks I slept 10 hours most nights and still needed an afternoon nap.  The rest of the time I tried to go out to get some fresh air and do some things around the flat. Not in a million years  would I have realised how worn out I am had I not gone to the doctor this one morning.  The first two weeks made no difference. I did not have more energy than before.  The thoughts of going back sent chills down my spine.  I love my job, but not its circumstances.  

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