Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday Nights

It is sunday night and I am dreading going back to work tomorrow.  Sunday nights and Monday mornings are always the worst, with discomfort increasing on my way to work.  Tomorrow two weeks ago I was terrified whilst walking to the office; it sometimes is as if I know something is going to happen and something did happen.  The bully boss once again engaged in faultfinding: I phoned another colleague in the morning and we had a chat.  Later this morning in a meeting (room) the bully boss pointed out that she heard me talk on the phone and that I said 'X' and she did not agree with it. 

Mind your own business.

Every time you pick on me you are telling me a whole lot about yourself.  What you do not know is that I can read people and I can see through you.  The truth probably is, that you envy me for my relationship building skills with colleagues across the globe and you just did not like the fact that I talked to this person about whatever.  I talked to two other overseas colleagues that morning and this may have been a bit much for you.  You probably feel that you should do the same but never get round to it, so you need to put me down to make yourself feel better.  A colleague pointed out I should go to a private office next time, but I did that when you became my boss and you thought I am not working in there.  Been there done that.  People who do not trust others cannot be trusted.

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