Thursday, 28 May 2015

My boss bullies me.  She has done so from day one and it took me almost a year to be absolutely certain.  She has only been my boss for 18 months, but this has been long enough to cause damage to my health, career progress and reputation within my company.  The first incident took place just a few weeks after she became my boss when she called me into a room to discuss the outline of a presentation for a client.  Once we were in there she started interrogating me about one of the subjects I am an analyst for at this company - every answer I gave was met with scepticism and prompted her to ask me another question or respond with 'yes, but...'.  It was then I had the first inkling of what could happen in the coming months.

I am still with this company and would like to share my story to encourage others to expose bullies (as tactfully as possible, it's for your own good) and take a helicopter view of the situation for your sanity.  Whenever I feel I can no longer take this shit, I look at a recent situation from above and then I almost fall off the chair laughing.

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