Monday, 14 September 2015

Divide and conquer with the bully boss

The middle aged female bully boss likes to surround herself with young males in the early or mid 20s.  She loves the attention they give each other, while the junior colleagues cannot reach her the water in terms of achievements and have one thing I do not: a penis.  I mean it.  The bully boss does not like other women, which has become more than obvious.  I am yet to figure out what triggers this, but it is easy to tell how she reacts having other women near her: she throws them under the bus, badmouths them, intimidates them and gives them the cold shoulder.  When with other women the bully boss has to have her way and will do anything to get this.

Today she surrounded herself with four junior colleagues, three males and one female, and started gossiping about the leader. Two of them are her direct reports.  She disclosed information from a meeting with the leader and other line managers, while at the same time discounting what the leader said in that meeting.  The young colleagues all agreed with her and I wish them that one day they will be independent and strong enough to have their own opinion.

Those young people must have felt part of the club chatting about this stuff with a senior person.  What they do not know is that the recent organizational changes have, in fact, meant the demotion of the bully boss and that she has lost credibility amongst other seniors.  She excels as an individual contributor and has brought in a lot of money for the company, but the lacks situational awareness nor does she understand her responsibilities as a manager.  The be friends with her is not something I would aim for, but I may be biased here.

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