Friday, 21 August 2015

A 1 to 1 with the leader

After my first one to one with the leader today I felt energized and motivated.  The leader has understood my career ambitions and clearly stated his expectations.  He asked for my opinion and went through my objectives for the rest of the financial year.  He also suggested a weighing of the objectives, was complimentary about my strengths and gave me ideas for development opportunities.  He was totally calm which enabled me to remain calm as well.  The meeting was a positive experience and I know I can approach him anytime about anything.

Previously with the bully boss, the boss started the meeting nervously and unprepared.  I did not feel the bully boss was in tune with my achievements during the year nor that she cared.  She would spend time talking highly of her favourites in the team (all young boys right from uni or with little experience, while herself she is a middle aged woman) and how lucky we are to have hired them.  She told me how good they are and mentioned some of their objectives to me.  I would desperately try and tell her what I have done and get her to notice it because I knew it is important for my advancement.  The bully boss' mind had no time for it so it seemed and would never follow up on our discussion.  At the end of the year I would complete my self-assessment, list my achievements and tell the bully boss during the review, but the bully boss would not comment.  Instead she would sit there and just look at me, before drifting off to speaking about other people.  I felt confused, abused and demotivated.  It sucked the life out of me.

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