Sunday, 26 July 2015

Getting back to old self

After months of fighting I have a new boss and I am not the only one.  Two more people from the 'old' team have been moved under a different manager.  It probably is not coincidence that those two were the bully boss' favourites, while I was the least favourite unable to accomplish anything, apparently.

The dynamics will change now and it will be interesting to watch.  I believe the bully boss has been confused since the news came and has been giving me the silent treatment.  She has also snapped at her manager - the bully boss and myself now report to the same person.  I have no problem with it, but I am sure she has.  The bully boss wants exclusive access to the higher ups she desperately tried to keep me out of while I was under her.  This was one way to control me and make sure I do not look good in front of them.   She badmouthed me.

This is the most relaxed Sunday night in a long time. 

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