Friday, 5 June 2015

I sat there rock solid

Today was an important meeting: I called for HR to mediate between the bully boss and myself.  The bully boss' boss was also present. This gentleman deserves to be called leader.  The issue I brought up was that my grade etc. within the company does not reflect the work I do and the responsibility I have.  At least that is how I feel.  Another issue was work environment and I stressed that some people in the team are not wanted and that I am one of them.  That there is a divide in the team and friction.  I made it clear that this is my perception only.

The bully boss was nervous beforehand and during the meeting.  I was nervous the day before and kept wondering what the outcome would be?  However, at the start of the meeting itself a high level of confidence came over me and I sat there rock solid the whole hour.  We discussed this and that.  I spend some time defending myself, trying to make the bully boss aware of all the things I have accomplished.  She tried pushing my buttons a few times, and while I put some things right I maintained this high level of confidence just to fuck her off.  What was typical for the bully boss was that she told lies.  In particular, we had a client come in earlier this week and I told her I do not have a presentation on the shelf on one of the subjects he wanted to speak about and that it would be good if he could let us know what he's interested in.  The bully boss responded:

'I don’t think that its appropriate for us to create new presentations. If you don’t have any slides I suggest you come along and be there to answer any questions that he may have on the subject.'

And what did the bully boss do in the meeting today? Exactly.  The bully boss said I did not have any slides and that she would have made any effort to put something together, implying I did not care and was not prepared and not willing.  Of course I put things right and forwarded the email to the leader afterwards.  

What the bully boss wants is to break my confidence.

Happy weekend.

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